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rose-heart divider
Bags arrived today and are quite a nice replacement for our normal bags. Thanks for all your help in what started to look like a minor crisis in our world. :)
Betsy M.
rose-heart divider
Thank you so much. Great customer service.
--Max F.
rose-heart divider
Thank you so much for following up on everything and making sure things run smoothly.
--Danielle D.
rose-heart divider
Thank you so much for all your help. You have been extremely helpful and great customer service! I enjoy working with you and plan on working with you again next year!
Katie P.
rose-heart divider
Thank you so much for all of your help. I am soooooo pleased with my order!
--Denise T.
rose-heart divider
We are looking forward to seeing how the kids will decorate their silver memory boxes! I cannot tell you how many times I have recommended you. Thank you for your superb service!!
--Trish A.
rose-heart divider
Your pillow boxes were such a big hit, our client (a Fortune 100 technology company) wants to order many more. Thank you for taking such care with our very small order. Your team was so efficient and responsive, going forward I plan on using you for as many of our paper orders as possible: in short, expect orders for pillow boxes, bags and rigid boxes in the coming weeks!
--Susan R.
rose-heart divider
Perfect! Thanks so much for such wonderful service, and quality products!
--Amanda F.
rose-heart divider
Thanks again for your prompt attention! I really love your bags and your customer service!
--Kazu N.
rose-heart divider
Thank you MAC Paper Supply. It's been a pleasure working with you. Celia Thomas was wonderful!
--Nancy G.
rose-heart divider
Received product no problems, thank you for being so prompt in its expedition.
--David R.
rose-heart divider
Thank you for your help today. I will sure buy more things from your company.
--Vy L.
rose-heart divider
You are awesome..thank you...
--Wendy S.
rose-heart divider
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I've placed the order. Much appreciated!
--Leta H.
rose-heart divider
Thanks for all the prompt attention--just super!
--Kathy G.
rose-heart divider
Thanks for all of this info! It's fabulous! We've been needing a good "go to" service for gift bag supplies and ideas and I'm glad to have found you!
--Kathryn H.
rose-heart divider
Thanks, got the tins today! They were just what I wanted! Fast delivery too, plenty of time to get things ready for my bridal show. Thanks so much!
--Shelia W.
rose-heart divider
You're so great to work with. Thanks for the affordable shipping. Makes me look good at the budget meetings!
--Connie R.
rose-heart divider
Thank you for your quick responses!! We appreciate your being sensitive to our timely needs!
--Elise F.
rose-heart divider
Thanks so much for getting my order out so quickly!!!! Great Customer Service!!!!!!
--Peggy T.
rose-heart divider
Just a note to thank you for getting my order to me so promptly. I so appreciate it! I was down to 10 sheets of tissue and zero little white boxes.
--Sunnie B.
rose-heart divider
Thank you so much for getting back with me so promptly. Service like this is remarkable.
--Judy S.
rose-heart divider
You are an excellent resource! It's so nice to get a real person on the phone when you first call! Congrats to your Company!
--Jan N.
rose-heart divider
Wow -- now that is service!!! My order arrived just now!! We are all very impressed with your company and will recommend you to EVERYONE. Thanks for everything. Have a great weekend.
rose-heart divider
Thank Allen for his great personal service! I will be looking at boxes for gift wrapping this next week! Oh yeah, and paper! Thanks.
rose-heart divider
Hello, I just have to tell you folks .........your sight is LOADED! I am also happy to find items for my home crafting, food and floral items! What a selection. I have saved your sight and plan to get back soon. As you know.........Christmas is almost here.
--Susan C.
rose-heart divider
Received my order and am thrilled with the design and quality. I plan on using all three styles for my business. I will be ordering more in the near future. My tea line is new and I will not be ordering large quantities in the beginning. Thank you so much for your great customer service.
rose-heart divider
I just wanted to say thanks to the lady that took my order over the phone this morning. I wanted Christmas bows for gifts, but I didn't have any idea what kind. She was very patient and nice. Sometimes little things make my day go a little better and she certainly did that. Thanks again.
--Amy L.
rose-heart divider
I apologize for not responding to you all sooner. I must admit I have not had the opportunity to review the package sent or to discuss how or whether we are going to proceed with our order. What I would like to share with you is how touched I was to receive the emails that Celia and Hanna sent. It truly was a kind thought and gesture. I have relayed your kindness in story to many who are close to me. I just felt you should know that your efforts were very well received and appreciated. Thank you kindly once again and I will be in touch as soon as the time is right.
--Josh I.
rose-heart divider
I really look forward to receiving the boxes I ordered. The option of being able to order one single [Presentations] box allows me to create designs and order in bulk as needed. Have a wonderful weekend.
rose-heart divider
Thank you so very much for your kindness and prompt attention to my order yesterday. You are the best!
--Judy D.
rose-heart divider
Thanks for the professional, helpful and friendly service!
--Judy L.
rose-heart divider
It was truly a pleasure doing business with you. You provided great service but even better you are great people. Thank you.
rose-heart divider
Thank you for your quick response. Your information is most helpful and has already made a great contribution towards making my efforts in this cause easier. While I am still in the process of sourcing materials, you are definitely on my list of probable suppliers.
--Claudia D.
rose-heart divider
The second package was received on time and as pretty as described over the phone. I appreciate all of your help. Should I have the opportunity to pass your name along to other areas of business, I will certainly do so without hesitation. Thank you for your assistance and kindness.
rose-heart divider
FYI, I've been searching the internet and wholesale showrooms and it is VERY difficult to find a big bag with a wide gusset for a reasonable price. Bag prices in the showrooms have gone up almost $0.10 per bag since last year AND the wide gusset bags are rare- so stock up. I'm sure I won't be the only one to find your website.
--Christy B.
rose-heart divider
Thank you very much. I always appreciate your service.
rose-heart divider
Thanks for your help! The order arrived yesterday! Perfect timing!!!
--Rod A.
rose-heart divider
I'm so excited to try out these bags. I'm a crafter in the Wheeling area and I concentrate on gift bags, boxes, bows. Wine bags are something I've done for several years and are quite a seller for me. I'm anxious to get your organza bags to begin decorating. I already have several ideas and I'm sure they'll be a big look out for more orders from me. Unfortunately, it's a little late in the season, considering I only craft for the Christmas season, and I only have one more show this weekend. But I'm already preparing for next year! Have a great holiday.
rose-heart divider
The order arrived today, and the bags look great! Thanks for such timely service!
rose-heart divider
I believe the answer is..... ship it Ground! Wow, what a difference! Thanks for the info. And, by the way, I received the outstanding "celestial tissue" earlier today. Your service is very good!
--Kathy V.
rose-heart divider
Great minds think alike! I just logged on to tell you that as you predicted, the UPS truck rolled back into our parking lot late yesterday, with my one lonely little package! Thanks again for the super customer service! Happy Holidays.
rose-heart divider
I am just starting out on the Internet... boy is it rough :) My line is gifts... and guess what? I am not the only one out there selling them :) Recently my gift supplier offered gift boxes with all the trimmings. The only issue is... they only have 3 or 4 choices of design and they are never in stock! A few years ago I was interested in starting a gift basket company... oh man back when the Internet was just starting out and I would have been as big as :) But circumstances prevented it... so I sat back and watched everyone take off without me.... But during that time I learned to research on the net and to know a good deal when I ran across one... your link was there on Google. I clicked on it and was liking what I saw and then I saw that you were centrally located. That got me to really looking closer at your site! I have a group of people who order from the same gift place as I do... we group together to share thoughts and ideas and to help each other and take on the world... :) I am going to tell them about you too! Guess I just wanted you to know that I am so very happy I found your site!
--Patty M.
rose-heart divider
Thanks for the great bags and fantastic customer service I always get from your company.
rose-heart divider
I received my order. Just wanted to let you know that the ribbons are wonderful. The colors are just beautiful. Thanks again.
--Leslie O.
rose-heart divider
That was fast! I received my package yesterday. Thank you.
--Margaret S.
rose-heart divider
Thanks for the notice! I can't wait to get my hands on that order! :) I expect that we will be ordering a lot of packaging materials from you for our collectibles shop in the near future. Thank you for offering so many good items!
--Ren A.
rose-heart divider
Thanks for your prompt reply to my inquiry. It is much appreciated.
rose-heart divider
I got my order today and THANK YOU FOLKS for the prompt service and for calling me regarding the shipping arrangements. Your kind of service is valuable and I appreciate it. Thanks again.
--Tika P.
rose-heart divider
Received the order and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your help.
--Marlene S.
rose-heart divider
I received the boxes and I like them. I just wanted to thank you for sending them and once I get things rolling on my end, will probably order some more for my test products.
--Gail Z.
rose-heart divider
Thanks for your patience and tolerance! We sincerely appreciate it.
rose-heart divider
I just want to thank you for your outstanding service in delivering my order. I appreciated your immediate response in addressing my questions when one box was delivered and another was not. And when I requested my order by a certain date, instead of suggesting that I pay for faster shipping, you ensured that I received the items - ahead of schedule. Thank you again!
rose-heart divider
Your suggestions are wonderful! Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly - I have some decisions to make today! I will be in touch.
rose-heart divider
Thanks a million for taking the time and bothering yourself to get me this information.
rose-heart divider
Thanks for your prompt and friendly processing of my order. I also enjoyed talking to you when you called to confirm the order the other day.
rose-heart divider
Thanks so much....what an organized ship you run....I really appreciate your confirmation.
rose-heart divider
I just had the pleasure of dealing with one of your associates: Celia Thomas. She is a delightful person and was a great deal of help. I am looking forward to receiving your merchandise. However, I am already impressed by your website layout and your customer service. I will definitly recommend!! Thank you kindly.
--Jenny Y.
rose-heart divider
I love the blue kraft boxes! I've been searching for something unique and I think I've found them! I'll get back to you on my order.... Thanks for getting back to me so promptly as well.......nice reflection on you and your company......really instills confidence.
rose-heart divider
The pillow packs came in today...they are amazing! Thank you so much. The way it is frosted on the inside, makes the outside look like a pearlescent satin finish! Wow! You have have very cool items!
--Adrienne U.
rose-heart divider
Thank you very much. I received my order today and was VERY impressed with the quick shipping! I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks again.
--Angela C.
rose-heart divider
Thank you VERY much for shipping these boxes out on Friday. Our fulfillment house received them and our client is not mad at us. Your willingness to work with your clients is much appreciated.
--Beverly M.
rose-heart divider
Thank you so much for your help!
rose-heart divider
Dear MAC Paper Service Team,
I remember coming across your site several years ago. The evolution your website has gone through is fantastic!! Plus, you have the best products around!!! All the best.
rose-heart divider
Thank you for the quick response!
rose-heart divider
Wow, such beautiful things!
rose-heart divider
Just received my second item from you folks and I'm really pleased with your products and service. Thanks! My Mom is interested in your product line, too.
-Chris C.
rose-heart divider
Thank you so much for expediously handling my recent order for navy blue tissue paper. The order arrived last Monday! Unbelievable service!... especially on such short notice.
--Joellen C.
rose-heart divider
My order was processed very professionally this morning. Thank you again for your assistance. Your products look great. Thanks again.
rose-heart divider
Outstanding service! Really quick completion of order. Thank you for the extra effort to provide me with great service while saving me money!
--Judi A.
rose-heart divider
Yes, if the order will be shipped in the same amount of time (3 days) using UPS ground, please switch to this from 3-day select. Thanks for the notification! What great service!
--Kari W.
rose-heart divider

We sincerely appreciate our customers!
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