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Only website pages with the following image in the top left margin are in our printed catalog.

This page and other linked pages are not.
an incredibly complete, detailed, and valuable collection of
Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for visiting our web site! Following is a list of questions we often receive. We are posting them here, together with the answers, for you convenience. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please for help, or call us at (800)486-5783, Mon-Fri, 9:00-4:00 central time. You'll receive a personal reply...and you may find your question added to this list in the future!

Click on the questions below to find the answers quickly:

(1) Can I get a free printed version of your catalog?

(2) How do I get to your Online Catalog?

(3) The Internet/Computer is new to me. How can I find my way around this site?

(4) I can't find what I need on this site. Do you carry any other products?

(5) I just don't have time to shop online. Can't I get a printed catalog?

(6) What are your wholesale prices? Can I get a wholesale price list?

(7) I don't understand the pricing. What do the numbered columns 1-5-10-25 mean?

(8) Can I get free samples?

(9) How do I place my order?

(10) How do I pay for my order?

(11) Do you have stationery supplies like envelopes, printing paper & copier paper?

(12) Do you have corrugated shipping boxes?

(13) What is your location?

(14) Where do these products ship from?

(15) How long does shipping take?

(16) How do you ship the products?

(17) What are the shipping charges?

(18) What are your hours?

(19) Do you have a minimum order?

(20) Do you only sell to businesses?

(21) What geographical area do you serve?

(22) What if something I order is out of stock?

(23) Can you print my company name/logo on my packaging products?

(24) Do you have any recycled, earth-friendly, "green" packaging?

(25) I still have questions. Now what?

And Now....The Answers To Your Questions!

(1) Can I get a free printed version of your catalog?
Our company policy is to send free catalogs, upon request, with qualifying orders.

If you're not placing an order, you can purchase a catalog for just $6 to cover catalog cost and postage. Click here to order a catalog now.

Please note: Our Shopping Cart contains products in our printed catalogs. We try to keep our website updated as products sell out and are discontinued.

Everything in our printed catalog (including pictures and prices) is shown in our Online Catalog as well, which is also updated as changes occur.

There are more products shown on our web site than there are in our printed product catalog! Just use the E-Z FINDER bar, found at the top of each page, for quick access to products on this site.

We are confident that if our products are appropriate for your needs, you can find what you need on our web sites. We'll be happy to help you navigate by phone or e-mail if you need help.

You can find a list of site contents with links that take you directly to the page you need...just Click Here.

OR...Click here for instructions, and download our catalog in pdf format. It's a free download, but recommended only for high-speed internet users, due to its size!

(2) How do I get to your Online Catalog?
Click here for the first page of our complete, full-color Online Catalog. From that point, you can simply click the "Next" or "Back" links at the top or bottom of each page to move through the catalog.

(3) The Internet/Computer is new to me. How can I find my way around this site?
We can understand that. Congratulations for finding your way this far! Following are some quick and easy site navigation tips. Some of them are specific to this site, while others will apply to the Internet in general. This is a great way to learn! We receive many 'rave reviews' about how easy our site is to navigate, so it shouldn't take long to learn.

Shopping or browsing our Shopping Cart site:
SHOPPING CART--Product categories are listed in the left margin of each page of our Shopping Cart. Click a category to expand the list and show sub-categories, then click on the specific category that interests you. (In some cases, there will be multiple sub-categories.) Pictures of products in that category will usually appear on the center of the screen. Scroll down the page to show the full selection.

To order from the cart, simply enter the quantity you want in the box to the right of the product, then click the yellow "I Want This" button. This will add the product to your Basket. To see (or change) the contents of your Basket at any time, simply click the black "Basket Contents" button towards the top of the screen. When you're done shopping, click the black "Checkout" button at the top right of the screen. On-screen directions will walk you thru the rest of the process for submitting your order.

Shopping or browsing our Online Catalog and Main Web Site:
E-Z FINDER BAR--You'll find our signature "Take Me There" Button near the top of all pages on this site (except our Shopping Cart). Simply click anywhere on the bar to the left of the Take Me There button, and a drop-down/up menu will open. Our entire Online Catalog and most of our main website pages are listed on this menu. Scroll to browse the selection list, click on any item you wish to see, then click the "Take Me There" button to the right of the bar. You'll go directly to the page you selected. (Note: Do not click 'Take Me There' until you've told the E-Z FINDER where you want to go, by first clicking on a menu item.)

TO BROWSE THRU THE ONLINE CATALOG-- Click here to access the Online Catalog pages....Then simply click the Pointing Fingers "Next" or "Back" buttons on the top or bottom of each page to thumb thru the catalog quickly. Or, you can use the 'Search' link at the top of each page to quickly find particular products you may be looking for.

TO FIND A PARTICULAR ITEM--If you know what you're looking for, rather than just browsing thru the Online Catalog you may want to start here: Table of Contents or here: Catalog Index. At these sites, click the text link that describes the products, and you will go directly to the Online Catalog page that contains complete information including wholesale prices, pictures and color charts (if available).

Another thing to keep in mind is the SEARCH BOX at the top of every page of both our shopping cart and main website. Type in the product you're looking for, being as specific as possible, and click the Search button. This will search our entire website for you, with the most likely results near the top of the list.

(4) I can't find what I need on this site. Do you carry any other products?
We try to post everything we carry on our website. If we have what you need, you should be able to find it using the navigation and search tips mentioned above. However, words can play havoc with search results if we have a different name for the product than what you are using. If you can't find what you need, you're welcome to us with as much detail as possible, or call (800)486-5783.

(5) I just don't have time to shop online. Can't I get a printed catalog?
Please refer to Questions (1) and (3) above for tips on quick and easy navigation. ALSO, keep in mind that most pages at this site print well with your left and right margins set at 1/4". You can print some of the pages for handy off-line reference.

Or better can view, print or save selected pages in Adobe pdf format. Click here to access the individual page download site.

OR even better...Click here for instructions, and download our entire catalog in pdf format. It's a free download...but recommended for high-speed internet users only, due to its size!

If this doesn't work for you, then call or click here to order a catalog.

(6) What are your wholesale prices? Can I get a wholesale price list?
All the prices at this site are "wholesale-to-retail" prices. We sell to retail stores, organizations, businesses, crafters and artisans. All prices are listed in our full-color Online Catalog pages, together with product descriptions and pictures, when available.

PLEASE NOTE: The term "Retail Packaging" sometimes leads people to think these are retail prices. "Retail Packaging" is the term used in the industry to describe packaging products used by retailers, and has nothing to do with the price or method in which it is sold.

(7) I don't understand the catalog prices. What do the numbered columns 1-5-10-25 mean?
These are wholesale "Price Per Unit" quantity prices when ordering 5 or more units. "Unit" is defined for each product. This can usually be found at the top right of the yellow 1-5-10-25 price column headings in our online catalog. 1 unit is normally 1 case or 1 carton.

Example: "Price per Unit/1 unit=1 carton"
The "Ctn Pack" column shows the number of pieces contained in each carton, for example 100.

Using carton pack of 100 as an example:
1 = 1 through 4 units (100-400 pieces) - use 1-column price per unit (carton)
5 = 5 through 9 units (500-900 pieces) - use 5-column price per unit (carton)
10 = 10 through 24 units (1000-2400 pieces) - use 10-column price per unit (carton)
25 = 25 or more units (2500+ pieces) - use 25-column price per unit (carton)

Example: Laminated Eurobags
If you buy 1-4 cartons, you pay the price per carton shown in the first column. However, if you buy 12 cartons, you pay the 10-column price per carton. Some items, such as Laminated Eurobags (item# beginning ET-), can be combined for quantity pricing. That is, you can order 5 different colors or sizes and pay the 5-column price per carton.

Please note, we sell only in full units, unless otherwise specified. If 'split cases' are available, these will be listed on our Close-Out Specials page.

(8) Can I get free samples?
Although we've done our best to show the products and colors here, nobody can guarantee exact colors shown on a web site or in a printed catalog, due to technology variations. Please remember also that with any product, colors may vary slightly from one run to the next, so it's best to use contrasting or complementary colors rather than trying to match exact colors.

With this in mind...We can occasionally send a sample of some of our products. Contact us by phone or email to request the sample. Depending on the item, there may be a charge to cover shipping and product cost. Please, do not request a sample simply to fill your need for a single item. (We realize that sounds tacky. We know you wouldn't do this, but some people will.)

Sending samples is very expensive, and can contribute to higher prices overall or create a need for us to change our policies relating to samples. We do want to make sure you order what you want, however, so we will do our best to provide a sample if necessary. In this case, we request that you contact us when you receive it. You may be placed on a follow-up call list if we don't hear from you.

(9) How do I place my order?
We offer several different ways to order, to accommodate your individual comfort level...

[A] Order and Pay Online - 2% Order Discount (the most flexible--order any time, day or night):
Our "https://...." order sites are secure. There are several Order links on each page of our website, to fit your ordering style. You can submit your order online with the following:
Fill in the blanks for contact/shipping, payment info, product code/description, pricing and total.
Fill in the blanks for contact/shipping, payment info, product code/description, pricing...and the form helps calculate your order total.
(iii) SHOPPING CART - Secure Ordering
If you prefer the easier 'click to order' method, and the option of storing your shipping/contact information to save time on future orders, and save order history for easier re-orders, use our Shopping Cart.

[B] Fax or Mail your order:
We provide a printable Order Form for those who prefer the traditional method of writing out their order.
Hint: You can also use this form as a worksheet to organize your order -OR- keep it handy to use as a Shopping List, adding to it as you become aware of supplies you need to order.
The form provides our phone and fax numbers, and our mailing address.

[C] Order By Phone:
(800)486-5783 (U.S. only) or
9 am - 4:00 pm
Central Time

(10) How do I pay for my order?
The best way is to use your credit card. We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express Cards. Or...You can mail us a cashier's check with your order, but you must call first so we can calculate your total, including shipping. Personal checks may result in a 2-week delay in the processing of your order. Credit card orders are processed immediately. We do not offer credit terms.

(11) Do you have stationery supplies like envelopes, printing paper & copier paper?
Yes, we do---but you can't have them! We need them to keep our office running!

OK--Seriously...With the exception of gift card envelopes, if you are looking for these items, chances are you are on the wrong site! Our name is very similar to another reputable, but unrelated, company which is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida: Mac Papers (with an s). Their web site is: You might try their site...but please keep us in mind when you need bulk, wholesale gift packaging supplies. Thanks!

(12) Do you have corrugated shipping boxes?
Yes, we do have a line of heavy, corrugated boxes suitable for shipping. However, these are the upscale, giftable, decorative, "keeper" type of boxes. We don't carry the standard corrugated boxes with flaps.

(13) What is your location?
Our private sales office is located at 9622 S. Ridge Rd, Sedgwick, Kansas. We do not have a showroom. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 184, Sedgwick, KS 67135. The company is a registered Kansas corporation.

(14) From where do your products ship?
Some products are shipped direct from the factory and these locations vary, depending on the product. Most giftwraps ship from the east or west coast, as indicated on our Giftwrap Gallery pages. Catalog items usually ship from the north-central or east coast area of the US.

(15) How long does shipping take?
As a general rule, if you place your order before 11 a.m. (Central Standard Time), it will ship the next day. NOTE: Lead time Oct-Dec may be 2-4 days before shipping. If shipping by Ground, we ask that you allow a minimum of one full week for transit, to be on the safe side. Of course, this will vary depending on what you are ordering and where you are located. Please allow a few extra days for giftwraps, as they sometimes take longer to process than other products. Be sure to allow extra time during holiday seasons.

Express shipping (example 2nd Business Day)--the day it ships is not counted as one of the 2 days, nor are weekends and holidays. An order that ships Friday via 2nd Business Day will be delivered the following Tuesday.

Custom printed items can take about 4 weeks, depending on the item.

Tracking numbers are usually provided with email confirmations, which include an attached detailed receipt in pdf format. This allows you to track your shipment through the carrier's website, so you'll know when to expect delivery.

(16) How do you ship the products?
Our standard shipping method is FedEx or UPS Ground. You can request express (Overnite, 2nd Day, 3-Day), but please be aware that shipping costs can be more than the product price this way. We encourage you to plan ahead, to avoid express shipping costs.

NOTE: Express shipping (Next, 2nd and 3-Day) can often be much higher than expected. Large items that are relatively lightweight (such as shreds, star bows, jewelry boxes, or any lightweight item larger than 12" x 12" x 12") may be classified as 'dimensional weight' by the carrier. This is due to the space they consume in transit as related to the cost of transporting. This means that an item weighing 10-lb might ship for a 25-lb charge or more.

If you have a UPS or FedEx account and provide us with your account number, we can ship using your carrier number. If you do this, we charge you only for the cost of the product. Shipping charges are billed to you by UPS or FedEx.

We normally do NOT ship via US Mail or SmartPost because it is difficult or impossible to track successfully. Therefore we cannot be responsible for packages lost in the postal system.

(17) What are the shipping charges?
When ordering through our Shopping Cart, you can select pre-calculated Weight Based or Price Based shipping (whichever is best for you) at the time of your order. Or, if you choose, you can select manual freight calculations, in which case we will figure actual shipping charges after we receive your order. At the time you order, you must request that we 1) notify you of the order total before shipping, 2) notify you of the order total before shipping ONLY if shipping exceeds 50% of product total, or 3) expedite your order, ship immediately, and confirm the total (with tracking#) only after the order ships.

Manually calculated shipping charges are based on carrier rates, which are based on the shipping weight and size of the product(s) as well as the shipping zone for your area. Shipping to a residential or remote address may incur slightly higher charges. Actual shipping is charged at cost, with minimum charges as follows:

Minimum Ground shipping charge is $9.50 within the Continental U.S..
Minimum shipping charge for air shipments is as follows:
3-Day $25.00
2nd Day $37.00
Overnite $70.00.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This minimum charge only covers up to 3 lbs (non-dimensional weight) to most urban commercial addresses within the Continental U.S., with the exception of those items that ship as 'dimensional weight' as defined in #16 above. Shipping weight is often a few lbs heavier than actual product weights shown, due to the outside shipping containers and/or necessary packing to protect the products.

When you place your order by phone, we can advise you of shipping charges, which will be included with the total charge to your credit card. (18) What are your hours?
Phone Order hours are 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Central Standard Time, Monday thru Friday. Please note that Central Time is 1 hour behind Eastern, 1 hour ahead of Mountain Time, and 2 hours ahead of Pacific Time.

E-Mail is often monitored on weekends and evenings, as well as our normal working hours.

If hours are changed due to extended holiday schedules etc., this will be posted at the top of each website page in the "Company Newsbriefs" box.

(19) Do you have a minimum order / Can I buy less than a full case?
There is NO minimum dollar order on our "stock catalog items".

Related Notes: (a) Some non-catalog items have a minimum quantity order, which is noted on the web page where the items are displayed. This includes items such as our Resale Gift Wraps, Zippered Garment Bags and custom printed items.

(b) Our minimum shipping charges are listed in #16 above.

(c) We do not split cases, or "units", as defined with each product unless there is an "Each" price shown. This is also the price that applies for purchasing samples.

(d) We have an additional catalog available for giftwraps, featuring our Gallery East selections. This information is also shown on our website.

(20) Do you only sell to businesses?
Yes. And no. Most individuals have no interest in purchasing the bulk quantities we carry. However we do sell to organizations, as well as businesses, who assign purchasing responsibilities to individuals when preparing for banquets, weddings or other special events. In addition to 'Click & Mortar' and 'Brick & Mortar' businesses, we sell to small, home-based artisans and crafters who make products to sell in stores or at market. We also sell to many new start-up businesses.

We request that you supply us with your State Sales Tax ID#, or other business identification number, at the time of your order. If you don't have one yet, we strongly encourage you to contact your state offices and apply for one now.

(21) What geographical area do you serve?
We serve all 50 U.S. States. This is based on the availability of Ground shipping. We do NOT ship or sell outside of these areas, and we do not normally ship via US Mail. We can also sell to the U.S. territories: Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

When ordering, you MUST provide a valid U.S. credit card billing address as well as a U.S. shipping address.

(22) What if something I order is out of stock?
Although we can usually keep backorders to a minimum, they are a reality with any business. Unless requested otherwise, backorders will be shipped separately as soon as possible. If additional shipping costs result, this cost will NOT be passed on to you. Depending on the item and season, we can usually fill backorders within 1-2 weeks; however, imported items can incur longer backorder periods. Holiday seasons and exceptionally high-quantity orders can also affect lead time. In some cases, we can ship large orders directly from the manufacturer, which may reduce the lead time.

Please Note: Due to our wide variety of products, we may not stock huge quantities of everything at all times. Depending upon the item, high-volume orders of one single item may take longer to fill. You may inquire about availability and lead-times when ordering. We'll do our best to meet your needs. Thanks.

Ordering as far as possible in advance of your needs will help alleviate the stress caused by 'just in time' ordering, and will help us plan for your needs. We can then schedule shipment to you at a later date. For items used regularly, placing your orders on 'auto-ship' may be the best way. Call us for more information.

(23) Can you print my company name/logo on my packaging products?
Between January and September, some of our products can be imprinted. For more information and specifications regarding custom imprinting, check out our Print Information.

Please note: We normally do not accept new or modified print orders between October and December. Also...Repeat custom-print orders placed after Sept 30 may not arrive in time for holiday use. PLEASE order custom-print items early in the year.

A word to the wise: Custom-printed orders take extra attention to detail, which takes time. Custom-print orders speak your name and reflect your image to everyone who sees them. They deserve to be planned and ordered well in advance for the best possible results.

(24) Do you have any recycled, earth-friendly, "green" packaging?
Yes, we offer a growing number of environmentally-friendly packaging products, such as:
+ Ameritotes, Super Frost Wave, and HD Merchandise bags.
+ Bamboo Manhattan Bags, made from bamboo of the most renewable natural resources available.
+ E-Flute Corrugated boxes, recyclable and biodegradable.
+ 100% Recycled natural kraft shopping bags (95% Post-Consumer Material & 5% Post Industrial).
+ Recycled kraft tissue, 100% Post-Industrial Recycled fibers, and Economy white tissue which contains no less than 30% Post-Consumer Recycled fibers.

The items listed above are just a few of our earth-friendly products. Watch for additional products and information on our website and catalog, as we continue to add more. We believe it's possible to be both functional and eco-friendly.

(25) I still have questions. Now what?
Well...we did our best, but we learned long ago that we can't see into the minds of all our customers. Please for help, or call us a (800)486-5783. As always, we'll do our best to help you.

~ Thank You...We Appreciate Your Attention! ~



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